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The Rochebelle high school’s gym is the official training space of the school board basketball team. The school that regularly host tournaments that are filmed. By relamping, commission scolaire des Découvreurs wanted to speed up the switched on time and improve the overall lighting in the gym.
Stanpro attested the benefits of their products compared to competitors:
a longer luminaire life span, a wide lighting angle illuminating the walls and the opportunity of withdrawing luminaires’ wire guards, which is a major
benefit for sport teams that trains in this gym.

We switched traditional metal halide luminaires by LED High bay:
– Reduces power consumption by up t o 62 % over traditional light sources;
– Designed for mounting heights 18’-60’ (5.5 m – 18.3 m);
– L70 predicted life is more than 200 000 hours;
– Weight 8 lbs to 24 lbs (vary by model);
– Deliver 115° wide distribution;
– Including a cooling system (reducing air conditioning cost)

The school board was so happy with the job, that Stanpro got a relamping contract for another wing of the school.

To get more information on LED High bay, visit the literature section of our website.