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Charlottetown Toyota, located in Prince-Edward-Island, is a large car dealership offering new and pre-owned vehicles, auto parts and an important service department.

The dealership has contacted Stanpro to improve the lighting in the service center in addition to saving money. The service center being open 5 days a week, it requires a proper lighting system since it is an enclosed area where mechanics need to work under cars, without benefiting from natural light and where the diffusion of light is not easy.

During spring 2019, a very simple one for one retrofit was done for the 35 old 250W Metal Halide High Bays, replacing them with brand new LED 150W Bell Shape High Bays. We also used 60W aluminum reflectors to get the light focused to where it should be.

A few months after the installation, we dropped by and spoke to the service manager who was very pleased with the change. He explained that they started by replacing one row of fixtures at a time so it was possible to compare the newer fixtures with the older ones. In his own words, he said:‘’it was like night and day’’!
The car dealership service center can now benefit from proper lighting, facilitating the staff’s everyday job all the while reducing the utility bill!

Stanpro recommended different LED lighting products to improve the lighting and help reduce the energy bill at Charlottetown Toyota by replacing existing traditional fixtures with efficient LED Bell Shape High Bays.