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Brasserie La Réserve is situated in Laval, QC. This establishment’s owners are proud of the significant energy savings they see after having switched to a modified light system without transforming the look or the atmosphere of their restaurant.

As a matter of fact, when designing the Brasserie’s lighting layout, S19 vintage 60-watt incandescent lamps had first been installed throughout the place to create a warm, retro chic vibe that harmonized perfectly with the style of this establishment.

Unfortunately, these lamps had a very short lifespan and they needed to be changed constantly, which raised maintenance costs for the owners.

This Laval-based restaurant was able to effect substantial energy savings simply by replacing its incandescent filament lamps with their LED counterparts without changing the look or redefining the atmosphere of their establishment

Moreover, these lamps used a great deal of energy!

One of Stanpro’s lighting specialists offered a simple solution: why not replace existing Victorian-style incandescent filament lights with their LED counterparts? This LED luminaire uses a mere 4 watts, as opposed to the incandescent lights that consume 60 watts. The end result represents a considerable energy saving; and the added plus is that there’s no need to transform the look or the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“The result is spectacular! This is truly a perfect solution.” An employee’s comment

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