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The owner of the outdoor sports gear shop Atmosphère, in Chicoutimi, called on the expert assistance of Stanpro to help resolve the lighting issues in his establishment. The maintenance work on the lamps and ballasts of the HB type 100 W high bay metal halide luminaires was significant. The owner wanted to lower his maintenance costs, but he also hoped to spruce up the overall lighting system of his shop, given that the considerable number of existing luminaries cast a mere 45 foot candles, whereas Head Office recommended 100 foot candle lighting.

The colours of these products are bright, clear and consistent. They correspond more closely to the natural light of day.

This client was so pleased with the results of the work that he has asked Stanpro to attend to another area of his shop.

Stanpro consultants proposed a solution to his maintenance problem which, by the same token, would revamp the lighting level of his shop. They suggested high bay LED lamps. Instead of using 100 luminaires, he would require only 32 to brighten the lighting; he could also remove the CFL accent lighting in the sports boutique. The client was amazed! Not only would his maintenance work be greatly reduced, but he would acquire superior quality lighting for his facility.