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Stanpro enjoys a great relationship with Aines & Tyler and its owner, Fred Gray. One day, as one of our Lighting Specialists happened to be passing by, he noticed that the reception area seemed quite lusterless, and might be improve by replacing the old CFL plug-ins.

Stanpro recommended a Presto 6” LED fixture. It took Mr. Gray about 15 minutes to remove the old 1995 Halo pot light and install Stanpro the Presto fixture, proving that Presto can be installed in half the time it would take to install a traditional luminaire. In addition, this new recessed lighting product provides a very agreeable and modern look to the office’s reception area.

The look of the office reception of Aines & Tyler reception was instantly improved by replacing the old CFL Plug Ins with quick-to-install Presto LED Downlights.

Within 5 days, Fred Gray had replaced the remaining 11 Halo pot lights with Stanpro LED Downlight Presto.

Energy savings was not an issue with Aines & Tyler’s owner; he was more interested in the appearance. The fact that this replacement would save energy was a given. It also meant no more lamp and ballast maintenance. The overall cost to install is not high because it is so quick and simple. Best of all, these 12 LED luminaires work with the line voltage dimmer already installed in the office.

At Stanpro, we succeed because we actively listen to our customers to better understand them and anticipate their needs. We go beyond what is expected and seek ways to exceed customer expectations.