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The lighting system was in need of an overhaul as it was seriously outdated and maintenance costs were very expensive. STANDARD recommended that the administrators substitute existing luminaires and lamps with their LED counterparts.

Previously, the boutique had been equipped with open recessed fixtures outfitted with HID-type bulbs. These HID bulbs, specifically designed for open luminaires have a short life-span and significant reduction of light intensity and color through time.

Faced with aging technology and maintenance issues, STANDARD suggested that the administrators replace the existing lighting system with Veloce recessed LED fixtures to light the boutique’s interior; this luminaire allows uniform lighting output, without any color variation, and has a 90 CRI. Also, due to the low ceiling, Low Profile Downlights (LPDL) were installed in the entrance. STANDARD also substituted the older T5 fluorescent tubes with LED equivalents.

Today, the entire Bell boutique is fitted with consistent lighting and a 4,000 K colour temperature; the installation was done by Entreprise électrique M. Desjardins Inc.

The boutique administrator decided to work with STANDARD because of its integrity, reliability and knowledgeable staff. Furthermore, STANDARD Products allowed the boutique’s manager to reap a 3-year, 34% return on her investment.