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STANDARD’s lighting specialist recommended lighting products to enhance lighting output and reduce energy consumption at Stampede Toyota based in Calgary.

Showroom and Service Areas
In the showroom, the lighting system has a formidable role to play. Light that shines down on the cars on display must reveal their finest features, shape, color, and texture. To enhance the car dealership’s products, STANDARD’s lighting specialist recommended the LED High Bay Bell Shape luminaire that consumes only 150 watts to replace Metal Halide (MH) High bay luminaires that consume over 400 watts. This change alone indicates an energy saving of up to 60% for the dealership.

In the service area, the fluorescent twin-pin lamps were replaced with LED Plug-In Lamps in the pot lights and LED Panels were added to replace the fluorescent troffer fixtures.

For this area of a dealership, the ideal lighting arrangement is one that will illuminate the work space in the most optimal manner to ensure that mechanics are able to complete their visual work properly. That is why the LED High Bay Bell Shape luminaire without lens was recommended.

The end result looks clean and sleek with the proper amount of lighting in each area.