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Mr. Benoit Roberge, owner of this sports equipment facility called on STANDARD through its energy savings audit to assist him in revamping the lighting arrangement of Sport Bromont. He also wanted to create a WOW factor when clients walk in his sports shop.

There was a wide range of lighting installations (recessed fixtures with halogen MR16 lamps, defective 23-watt CFL’s installed in suspended luminaires as well as on track lighting fixtures); a very eclectic arrangement and the light output was fewer than 40 foot-candles.

The Boutique
The owner hoped to preserve the vintage look of the ceiling fixtures that are a feature of the shop’s style. As it was impossible to enhance the shop’s overall luminosity by simply replacing a few light bulbs, the STANDARD lighting experts suggested that the owner install LED High Bay Bell Shape Luminaires with reflectors. Moreover, owing to the boutique’s high ceilings, the installation of these luminaires doubled the brightness level of the entire space, more than 80 foot-candles. And this was done without downgrading the cachet of the vintage pendant luminaires.

In the track lights, 15 watts 5 000 K LED PAR 38 LED Reflectors lamps and 6.5- watt LED MR16 were installed to increase task lighting in the sports shop.

Points of Purchase and Display Window
New Low Profile Downlights were installed to highlight the points of purchase to replace the traditional MR16 recessed fixtures.

The STANDARD LSS Series LED Strip Lights were set up in the display window to enhance the luminosity of the space as well as showcase the various sports items on display. The old 90-watt PAR 38 projector lamps were removed.

Thirty 30-watt LED projectors gave clearer and brighter view on the shop’s signage. The former 90 watts, PAR38 projectors were removed here also.