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The retirement home of Laval Le Boisé Notre-Dame has teamed up with STANDARD to modernize the lighting of these facilities and build a new section of its complex.

Modernization of facilities
Over the past few years, the complex has made several changes to its lighting system to modernize the common areas and the various residential areas of the residence. LED panels, PAR20 and PAR30 LED reflectors and GU10 LED lamps have been installed to replace traditional technology lamps. Outside the LED lights for canopy and garage were installed in the entrance areas. This change has reduced maintenance while maintaining the look and existing fixtures.

Construction of a new area
In 2018, a new wing was built to accommodate more people within its high-end real estate complex. STANDARD LED lamps illuminate common area chandeliers and several LED ceiling lights illuminate the interior of the units:

A combination of luminaires with integrated LEDs prevents maintenance and changing of lamps in the units.