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Groupe Pro-Fab Inc., the factory built housing company opted to do business with STANDARD for the lighting stage of the building process of its houses. And so, when you select the luminaires for your Pro-Fab modular home, you may choose from a complete assortment of STANDARD lamps and fixtures that have been carefully selected by a team of architects and designers in order to create the perfect balance between trendy looks, low energy consumption, performance and durability.

  • Recessed fixtures installed in the kitchen and dining room, in the living room and bathroom as well as under the soffits were carefully selected according to technological needs; their finish harmonizes perfectly with the décor of each room.
  • Victorian style lamps have been installed to enhance the trendy and modern industrial look.
  • Ceiling-mounted LED fixtures have been installed in the closets.

Groupe Pro-Fab recognizes the quality of STANDARD products, and appreciates the company’s professionalism and the expertise of its lighting specialists, and this is why this builder has chosen STANDARD as its construction partner.

At STANDARD, we are proud to offer state of the art technology that meets our clients’ requirements, yet satisfied the need for an efficient energy solution.