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Since its founding in 1972, Olympia has executed a number of major projects in the fields of machining and fabrication, including the machining of heavy parts and the full integration of sub-assemblies. Olympia also boasts extensive experience in the mining, rail and energy sectors. Due to the nature of its operations, the factory is very dirty, and its luminaires are so filthy that the light flow over the work space has become seriously deteriorated.

The STANDARD lighting specialist recommended traditional high bay bell shape luminaires that use 200 watts as a substitute for fluorescent high bay luminaires. With this basic change, the lighting system of the factory has had an instant facelift; the lumen output of each of the 146 luminaires totals 26,355.

Washing the Luminaires
Traditional high bay luminaires offer the double advantage of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs owing to their advanced LED technology. However, the aspect that most interested Olympia management is that these luminaires are IP65-certified, which means that they are dust-resistant and can be washed with the aid of a water jet cleaning; thus, cleaning them will impact maintenance of the light level in the factory and luminaire dirt depreciation.

“The luminaires were extremely dirty. This had seriously affected the level of light in the factory. These new luminaires are a welcome change!” stated Olympia’s President.

A Few Financial Features of the Project:

  • A 156.30% return on investment after 5 years*
  • Recovery time: 1.95 year*
  • Financial support from Hydro-Québec estimated at approximately 30% of the investment

*Taking the cross-effect into account