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Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing corrugated packaging since 1965. The company currently has 3 warehouses in Quebec and employs over 800 employees. They have chosen to partner with Standard Stanpro to modernize the indoor and outdoor lighting of their Montreal warehouse by implementing an optimal and energy-efficient lighting solution.

Modernization of indoor installations

During the redevelopment of the Montreal warehouse, the revision of the lighting systems in place was obvious. Different luminaires were used to maximize the brightness in the various areas of the building, namely the offices, the warehouse and the common areas such as the cafeteria.
To realize complete this project, SafetyMax T8 LED Tubes, Edge-Lit ceiling luminaires and LED panels were installed to replace the previous traditional technology fixtures. that were using traditional technology rather than LED technology.
This transformation has not only reduced their annual energy bill, but general lighting has been optimized to provide more light to the indoor installations.

Addition of outdoor lighting

Outside the perimeter of the warehouse, the lighting was outdated and insufficient. The addition of outdoor LED lights and the replacement of existing fixtures was required. There are now STANDARD LED fixtures on the exterior perimeter of the building, illuminating the garage doors and the parking lot:
• in the parking lot: 17 wide flood lights with slip fitters
• on the exterior perimeter of the building: 6 classic LED wall packs, 14 slim LED wall packs and 2 LED flood lights.
The remarkable long life of LED luminaires significantly reduces maintenance and replacement of lamps in units, making them a durable, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution as they consume less energy than traditional lighting solutions.