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Administrators of Leduc Alliance Church wanted to upgrade the lighting outside the facility to increase lighting levels and reduce energy consumption.

The Cross
The cross facing the highway on the side of the building is backlit with an LED Tape Kit. Designed to deliver even, brilliant light, the final result is stunning! Passersby can now enjoy the beautiful display at night.

Around the Building
Around the building, all 250-watt Metal Halide (MH) wall-packs were replaced with LED Sleek Wall Packs that consume only 30 watts. This change improved light levels of the building’s surroundings; as well, it reduced maintenance and energy consumption costs significantly by up to 120%.

“It’s a real benefit to worry less about maintenance and bulb changing; it allows us to focus on other matters that need more of our attention.” Shannon Whitehouse, lead pastor.

The people of Leduc are very proud of how their Church looks and are happy that the lighting contributes to increase this landmark’s visibility in the community.