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The Town Hall of Gravenhurst wanted to modernize the lighting in its facility in order to save on maintenance costs and reduce its energy consumption.

STANDARD recommended switching all the old lighting technology to LED:

  • All F32T8 (Fluorescent T8 lamps that consume 32 watts) were changed for equivalent LED T8 tubes that consume only 15 watts
  • Halogen MR16 lamps that consume 50 watts were replaced with LED MR16 lamps which use only 7 watts
  • And all the CFL plug-in lamps (PL) (that consume 45 watts) were replaced with LED downlights that require only 20 watts of power

All these changes have considerably improved the lighting in the Town Hall spaces: “The look is great and the light-fatigue is reduced with this new installation” explained one of the Town Hall employees.

Ontario Energy Board granted rebates to support the project, enabling a 2.44-year recovery time on the Town Hall’s investment (with Cross-Effects) and a Return on Investment (ROI) of 105% in 5 years.

STANDARD seeks out energy-efficient lighting technologies that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of all applications.