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Facility Managers are continuously looking for ways to save money; an easy way to do so is to modernize lighting. Indeed, by simply upgrading their current more traditional lighting to energy efficient, long life LED technology, administrators will immediately lower maintenance costs; significantly save on energy consumption without sacrificing on light levels.

The Red Door Housing Society is a non-profit housing society that has provided affordable rental housing in the BC Lower Mainland since 1985, As a member of BCNPHA, this organization works with partners such as STANDARD to develop and manage affordable rental housing for low income families and singles.

“We used to have bears coming around the building at night, but now, with all the light, they don’t come by anymore!” – Susan Snell, Executive Director.

The new luminaires installed to light up exterior and garage areas:

Rebates from BC Hydro and BCNPHA

Working closely with BC Hydro, STANDARD’s Lighting Specialist walked the administrators through the application process for utility program rebates for the lighting upgrade project. The complexes are now benefiting from a reduction in energy consumption averaging 64%!

Product offering

STANDARD’s help to close the investment gap for the Red Door project: thanks to the financial support received from BC Hydro as well as BCNPHA rebates, the lighting retrofit ended up not costing a penny to the society.

“I was scared to walk to my car at night; now I can clearly see my car and its surroundings. Walking outside at night is not a problem anymore. Since the change, there’s been no car theft; we can clearly say that it drastically increased the security level around the facilities.”