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Nestled in Riverside, in Ottawa’s Southeast end, this multi-residential building was in need of lighting renewal to improve its light levels, as well as reduce maintenance and energy consumption costs.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

  • 175 watt metal halide post tops were replaced with 37-watt EYE LEDioc luminaires
  • The 70 watt HPS wall packs were replaced with 18 watt LED wall packs
  • The twin PAR30 Floods were replaced with 30 watt LED Flood lights

Indoor Lighting Solutions

  • All the 18 watt PL lamps were replaced with Terralux modules (that consume 8 watts)
  • In the hallways, 15 watt LED ceiling luminaires were added to improve the light level of existing fluorescent 32 watt T8 tubes
  • All the single traditional fluorescent F32T8 tubes were replaced with their equivalent LED tubes that consume only 12 watts


  • All the traditional 70 watt HPS fixtures were replaced with new fixtures and LED T8 12W tubes

Before the changes, the light was gloomy and yellow in these spaces; residents didn’t feel safe walking around at night. Now, the light is bright and the path is clearly lit at night time. For more practical tips about various outdoor lighting systems and the best place to install them, read Economical, Efficient, and Safe Outdoor Lighting.

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