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BA Robinson is a fully diversified distributor of plumbing, lighting and electrical products in Western Canada and a STANDARD business partner. When its warehouse in Calgary needed a lighting upgrade, BA Robinson turned to STANDARD for help.

The Warehouse
In the warehouse, there was mix of various types of lighting technologies, including Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS); the look was inconsistent in the warehouse and light levels were very low, below 20 foot-candles.

STANDARD’s lighting specialist recommended replacing the old technologies with 200 watts LED High Bay Bell Shape.

Office Space
In the office space close to the warehouse, T12 florescent fixtures were replaced with LED Strip Light luminaires, upgrading the lighting and the look of the area and the light level to 40 foot-candles.

The owner was so happy with the results that he’s planning to change all the lighting fixtures to those of STANDARD in all office spaces later this year.

Project Investment
The lighting upgrade in the BA Robinson’s Warehouse has an investment recovery time of less than a year (0.56). STANDARD’s project department completed the appropriate documents allowing this facility to benefit from a public utility rebate covering 72% of the upgrade cost.