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September 2018

Habitat for Humanity’s National Corporate Lighting Sponsor

For the third consecutive year, STANDARD worked with its community by joining Habitat for Humanity Canada as its national corporate lighting sponsor. STANDARD is also taking part in three house-building ventures across Canada, namely in Montréal (September 12th), in Vancouver (September 14th), and in Calgary (November 27th).

As a company, we have a corporate social responsibility to take care of the community around us to make it a better place. Habitat for Humanity is the perfect opportunity to effect our world greatly, and in a positive way.

Being part of a rewarding cause

“Helping a family, in a practical way, by building their future home was a beautiful experience! It’s certainly an experience worth repeating.”
— Fanny Garcia, Graphic Designer

The following are images from the three building sites.


September 12th, 2018

Richmond (Greater Vancouver Area)

September 14th, 2018


November 27th, 2018