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March 2017

Revealing STANDARD’s showroom redesign

STANDARD is proud to present its new Montreal head office showroom redesign. We have completely redesigned the showroom’s concept, thus creating a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere for our customers. There, we will display our newest products in a realistic installation and showcase STANDARD as the innovative company that it is.

We have broken out our new Showroom into sections that exhibit specific product categories in a suitable application. 80% of the products displayed are LED fixtures, as this is now STANDARD’s main focus.

All the lighting products displayed in STANDARD’s redesigned Showroom can be easily replaced with the newest series, ensuring that our visitors can always see the best products we have to offer.

LED Outdoor Luminaires

STANDARD has spared no effort on its outdoor luminaire line. We have added a full array of professional grade luminaires to complete an outdoor lighting retrofit. In this section, we display all our products on a brick wall, which has allowed us to showcase the various housing colours and assorted models suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

LED High Bay Luminaires

STANDARD already offers a wide range of luminaires for high ceilings, suited to meet the different needs of the market. This selection is displayed in a warehouse-type of application.

LED IP65+ Rated Luminaires

This category of lighting products is usually featured in an application that needs full protection against harsh environmental conditions, such as an open parking garage.

LED Ceiling Mount Luminaires

This category of lighting products will grow significantly for STANDARD within the near future; we are exhibiting a wide range of styles and features to create assorted designs and ambience.

Victorian Filament Lamps

These series of LED filament lamps and incandescent Victorian lamps stand out with their stylish retro-chic look, which is very trendy at the moment. More and more, STANDARD will be offering design products that address designers’ needs for style as well as efficacy.


STANDARD now has a very large collection of downlights in both traditional lighting and LED sources. This whole section is showcased in transparent boxes so that visitors can see the lit product, but also to see how these luminaires are installed. We know that our contractor partners truly enjoy seeing the installation features, which is why we created the opportunity for them to really see what they will be working with.

LED Lamps

STANDARD still offers a whole assortment of LED lamps, including all housing colours and options. That is why we built this section, so our visitors might see all the possible ambiences that STANDARD can create.

Bar section

We built this section to create a cosy ambience to welcome our visitors.

We are proud of our new showroom redesign and welcome all our business partners to come to see it! At STANDARD, we believe that our distinguishing factor lies in the quality and the innovation of our products.