UPDATE: STANDARD, again in the Top 300 in 2017!

Top 300 2017

We are proud and happy to announce that, this year again; STANDARD is officially on the commendation list of the Top 300 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Québec, in the classification published by the newspaper Les Affaires. This recognition is especially remarkable when considering that there are just under 240,000 Québec companies which currently meet the definition of a small or medium enterprise.

“This distinction reflects on everyone, our employees and our customers, who have all contributed to making STANDARD one of the best businesses in Quebec and a leader in the lighting industry.” – David Nathaniel, President and CEO of STANDARD

Top 300 Les Affaires

STANDARD is very proud to announce that it is now officially on the commendation list of the top 300 Small and medium-sized enterprises (SEM) in Québec!

Indeed, with its 105 employees in Québec, STANDARD now ranks 152nd in the classification published by Les Affaires, a well-read weekly Québec newspaper. This established gazette lists companies whose share ownership is predominately Québec-owned and whose staff numbers reach a maximum of 300 people.

Learn more about what Les Affaires have to say about STANDARD. Read all about it in Standard Products.

Merit List of the 300 Largest SMB in Québec, as Published by Les Affaires

Big business is most often the lead story in the papers or in the news. However, we all know that small and medium sized businesses are the driving force in any economy; they are the ones that significantly create more jobs in today’s market. And that certainly holds true for Québec. Les Affaires draws up a merit list of the 300 largest small to medium sized business in Québec as it has been doing for the past 20 years.

To learn more about the paper’s methods and procedures, read the Palmarès des 300 plus grandes PME du Québec of this periodical Les 300 au Québec.

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