Résidence Boisé Notre-Dame

The retirement home in Laval has partnered with STANDARD to modernize the lighting of these facilities and build a new section of its complex; LED panels, LED reflectors, LED lamps and LED ceiling lights were installed.

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Office Rental building - office space lighting

Office Rental Building

The administrator of this office rental facility is gradually renovating the spaces between tenants, including upgrading the lighting system in every space of the facility.

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Restaurant lighting

Brasserie La Réserve

This Laval-based restaurant was able to effect substantial energy savings simply by replacing its incandescent filament lamps with their LED counterparts without changing the look or redefining the atmosphere of their establishment.

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Transit Henri IV lighting

Transit Henri IV

Rather than change the entire lighting system of the Transit Henri IV warehouse facilities, STANDARD chose to modernize the lights without having to convert the electric circuit, thus lowering warehouse costs during the installation process.

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Front store lighting

JC Perreault store

STANDARD provided a straightforward and economical fixture-changing solution to the JC Perreault store in St-Hubert, one that enhanced the contemporary, elegant look of the store.

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