Retail lighting

Sport Bromont

The lighting of this boutique was enhanced following recommendations by STANDARD lighting experts and the installation of high bay luminaires, strip lights, projectors and LED lamps.

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Garage - High Bay

Léo Automobile Honda

STANDARD lighting specialists recommended an economical and energy-efficient lighting system to draw attention to the outdoor parking spaces of this dealership: water-resistant fixtures in the car wash area and a lighting to reduce shadow areas in the garage space.

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Edge-lit plafonnier du Chalet Bromont

Bromont Ski Chalet

The transformation of the lighting system inside the Chalet du Lac at the Bromont, montagne d’expériences ski resort greatly improved the luminosity level of the space and helped reduce energy consumption while complementing the chalet’s hospitable look.

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Hotel lighting - hallway - Traditional LED Downlight

Luxurious hotel

This luxurious hotel completed a multi-million-dollar revitalization of its guestrooms and facilities using STANDARD’s LED Downlight series.

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Car dealership - showroom area - LED High Bay Bell shape

Stampede Toyota

STANDARD recommended various lighting products to enhance the lighting output and reduce the energy consumption of the dealership based in Calgary; LED Panels, PL lamps and LED High Bay luminaires were installed.

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Lighting solution for hotels

Marriott Courtyard Hotel

STANDARD is working in close collaboration with the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at Place Robert-Joncas (in Montreal) in an effort to optimize this establishment’s lighting system.

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Grocery fruit section lighting

Sutton IGA

STANDARD proposed a full LED lighting solution, resulting in energy savings of up to 32% for the Sutton IGA and a predicted return on investment of less than 3 years!

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Arena Rosemere lighting

The Rosemère Arena

Today, both skating rinks of the Gaétan Boucher arena in the municipality of Rosemère are equipped with higher quality lighting systems which will allow the arena to see a 355%, 5-year return on its investment.

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Étoile Dodge

STANDARD replaced the HID recessed lights of this car dealership with VELOCE series LED recessed lights: a striking improvement on the colours of the cars on display in the showroom.

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