Wall packs

LED Wall Pack Series

STANDARD’s LED Wall Pack line offers a large variety of luminaires that can easily replace old technology such as HID metal halide, high pressure sodium, and halogen systems. Their design is similar to that of existing fixtures, and they offer superior efficiency for an optimal retrofit solution.

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LED sleek wall pack

Sleek Wall Pack

STANDARD's LED Sleek Wall Packs are a brilliant and discrete solution to create safe and secure lighting for your home.

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LED Garage and Canopy light

The superior rugged construction and low profile design of the STANDARD LED Garage and Canopy luminaires (LCAN series) makes them the perfect solution to retrofit parking garage and / or canopy applications.

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LED Seciryt light

Security Lights with Motion Sensor

STANDARD's Security LED lights help to ensure all areas are well lit and provide added security at night. They are equipped with a motion sensor, allowing lights to turn on automatically when movement is detected.

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LED Bollards

STANDARD LED Outdoor Bollards are perfect for lighting pathways and entryways, providing adequate lighting for increased safety on your property.

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