LED_Fluo Tube Replacement

Fluorescent lamp replacement

Increase efficiency by replacing your fluorescent lamps with LED lamps, without changing your existing system. Available in T8, T5 and U-Bend format.

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LED Reflector lamp

LED Reflectors

STANDARD’s LED reflector lamps allow you to focus light and the observer's attention where it is needed the most without fading the colours of the highlighted objects.

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R7S LED Lamps

STANDARD’s double-ended T3 lamps are perfect to transition from halogen lighting to LED lighting such as torchiere lamps, bathroom bar fixtures as well as wall-mounted fixtures.

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LED G9 and G4 Lamps

Upgrade your G9 and G4 halogen lamps to LED and generate less heat, lower maintenance costs and save an average of 85 to 90% in energy.

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