String light on construction site

Temporary Work Lights

STANDARD offers a large offering of temporary and portable lighting that can suit any construction environment. The fixtures are design for heavy duty applications; they are easy to move from a location to another.

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STANDARD's Botanilux brand of horticultural lamps are designed to reach professional levels for plant cultivation.

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Open Space Office Standard Lighting Solutions

Indoor luminaires

STANDARD’s LED interior luminaires help companies save energy, maintenance and installation costs, providing a clean modern design by converting their facility to LED.

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Commercial downlight in airport


Downlights and traditional recessed fixtures are one of the most popular lighting choices for many commercial, residential and institutional application; bringing a seamless sophistication to any decor.

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Outdoor lighting

LED Outdoor Luminaires

STANDARD’s LED outdoor luminaires offer flexibility in mounting options and design. They are perfect for outfitting any traditional luminaire, including HID and halogen luminaires.

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Home kitchen LED Filament lighting

LED Lamps

STANDARD offers a wide range of LED replacement lamps for all types of traditional lamps; energy efficiency and long life means fewer relamps and cost savings.

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Living room with traditionnal lamps

Traditional Lighting

STANDARD continues to offer a full range of traditional lighting solutions that includes incandescent, halogen, CFL, miniature and specialty lamps, as well as optic and socket products.

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Open space office with traditional optics lighting


STANDARD offers a full line of optic products: whether you're looking for lenses, wraps, louvers, tube guards, globes, diffusers, or retrofit solutions. Whatever your optic needs, you can rely on STANDARD.

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Mixer system with miniature lamp

Miniature Lamps

STANDARD miniature lamps encompass a wide range of shapes, bases and filament configurations, each made for very specific applications.

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Theater with traditional lighting

Specialty Lamps

STANDARD supplies lighting products for specific types of applications such as medical equipment, stage lighting, automobile headlights and studio lighting.

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High School gym fluorescent luminaires

Fluorescent Luminaires

Increase system performance and energy savings by replacing outdated fluorescent or HID lighting systems with our high quality fluorescent luminaires.

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