STANDARD® offers an impressive range of Single and Double-Ended Halogen lamps. These lamps offer a crisp white light, long reliable life and consistent colour and brightness. Our Single-Ended lamps are perfect for use in display cases, museums, restaurants, retail stores and marine/boat applications.  Our Double-Ended lamps are the ideal choice for applications such as floor lamps, flood lights, sconces and bath bar fixtures.

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  • ShapeJD, JCD, JC, T3

  • Voltage12 V, 24 V, 32 V, 120 V, 130 V, 208 V, 220 V, 240 V, 277 V, 570 V

  • BaseBA15d, Candelabra E12, E11, G4, G8, G9, GY6.35, GY9.5, Metal Leads, RSC (R7s)

  • SpecialtyInfrared, Xenon Lamp

  • FinishFrost, Clear

  • BrandStandard