STANDARD® offers a wide range of Metal Halide HID lamps for various lighting applications and needs. Our Metal Halide lamps are ideal for   retail stores lighting, industrial lighting, projection lighting, sports lighting, highway lighting and parking lot lighting.  Browse our brochure to learn more about our Metal Halide HID lamp  product line.

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  • ShapeEDX17, ED28, ED17, BT56, T15, ED37, T6, T7

  • BaseEX39, Med Base E26, Mog Base EX39, RSC (R7s)

  • ANSI CodeM136, M98, M90, M85, M81, M59, M58, M57, M47, M155, M154, M153, M152, M135/M155, M131, M110, M102

  • BrandStandard