“We believe that our distinguishing factor lies in the quality and the innovation of our products.”
– Steven Fauteux

Product Development and Innovation Director

Steven Fauteux heads the Department of Product Development and Innovation. He tells the story of his department’s evolution over time. He began working in this field in 2005 as Product Manager. Steven soon realized that he and his colleagues had very little time to devote to research and development owing, in part, to the rapid growth of LED technology.

From 2008 onward, Steven started to focus on product development. With the arrival of new personnel in 2014, the Department of Product Development and Innovation became a reality. Truth be known, this Department’s existence is fairly recent; it began to expand when the demand for product development became a necessity because of specific requests on the part of our customers.

Research in Response to Market Needs

It all began with an unfilled need. The market wants a lighting product that will solve a specific problem. Requests are directed to the Department of Product Development and Innovation by way of Product Managers’ reports, discussions between sales reps and end-user, as well as visits to various innovation fairs throughout the world.

Actually, Steven visits Asia, Europe and the United States several times a year to meet and collaborate with our manufacturing partners, and to visit various exhibits and commercial fairs that display the latest in lighting technologies.

Quality Control

Once the lighting needs of a particular market have been identified and a solution has been found, further to research and travels, we work closely with our business partners’ and our suppliers’ research departments in order to develop the required product. At this stage of the development process, we join forces with our Quality Control Department equipped with its own laboratory. The laboratory team makes certain that the product specs are accurate; this allows us to select the best partner for the work ahead, thereby ensuring optimal quality product for our customers.

Lighting laboratory


Ultimately, the Product Development and Innovation team makes sure that all lighting products introduced to the Canadian marketplace respect the mandatory certification standards and exceed market expectations with regards to efficiency, durability and respect for the environment. Thus, in cooperation with members of the Department of Quality Control team, we strive to ensure our products are awarded mandatory certifications.

Follow-Up and Quality Assurance

Kevin O’Connor acts as Operations Manager in China. He is a valuable ally of our Product Development and Innovation team. Kevin has been in China for over 20 years, and he has a fine knowledge of the customs and traditions of this region; moreover, he has built a strong network of contacts. With these tools, he is able to act as spokesman for STANDARD with its Asian business partners. He also works as messenger and product quality control supervisor; this dual management role helps maintain consistent communication between the continents despite distinct time zones, and further accelerates product development and production.

3 Product Groups Introduced by STANDARD

Products introduction

1. Luminaires
This category accounts for more than 50% of new product launches. STANDARD has been offering a wide range of luminaires since 2014.
2. LED Lamps
This category consists of 40% of the company’s output: all technologically advanced LED products that have replaced more conventional products.
3. Traditional Products
These are the classic products, such as halogen and incandescent lamps, as well as CFL and fluorescent lamps that STANDARD continues to produce in order to meet demands for the replacement of existing systems.

Where is the Lighting Trend Headed?

What’s in Store for the Department of Product Development and Innovation?

We have been lighting experts since 1983. In 2010, we became involved in selling LED products, and began offering luminaires since 2012. People are increasingly aware of the significance of lighting in new construction and renovation. They are more and more demanding and particular as to their requirements: colour temperatures, more lumens, greater durability, etc. Moving forward, we can expect the advent of LiFi (interconnection and control of the environment through LED lighting).

The market is rapidly evolving to offer greater product diversity and other variables that meet specific imperatives defined by clients who wish to live in an environment where lighting has been adapted to their needs. This is why the Department of Product Development and Innovation is destined to expand in order to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market. STANDARD is moving well ahead with this trend thanks to its diversified offering of lighting products.

This is also the reason our clients seek us out: they know that we, at STANDARD, will meet their expectations.

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