Not only does STANDARD’s Project Department issue quotations, it builds energy audits and creates lighting layouts to give its customers a precise image of the current lighting situation along with an efficient solution to improve the lighting level, maximize energy savings, Return On Investment (ROI), and payback period.

Lighting Layouts

A high quality fixture design and layout improves visibility, safety and productivity. Our Specialists provide, precise, efficient layouts that give an accurate image of the lighting arrangement in a specific application thereby ensuring you obtain optimal lighting levels.

STANDARD builds layouts, paired with a competitive quotation to maximize lighting performance while minimizing your costs and increasing your savings.

Project departement - Lighting Layout

Energy Audit

An energy audit will assess your energy usage and uncover opportunities to economically replace lighting systems. A detailed report including all key elements required (cross-effect, energy savings, etc.) will be provided to guide your decision process. We also have intimate knowledge of utility programs that offer rebates for specific products as well as strategies to help you reduce your energy consumption.

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Key Elements

  • Projected ROI or payback period of your retrofit investment
  • Energy savings
  • Cost reduction
  • Utilities rebate value (if applicable to the province)

Request a free energy audit of your lighting systems today and start saving on your energy bills!

Energy Audit: A Turnkey Solution

  • STANDARD’s lighting specialists visit your facility in order to conduct an audit count and propose new solutions to address your specific needs
  • STANDARD’s energy saving specialists will work closely with Lighting Specialist to guide through all your lighting project steps
  • STANDARD teams complete the appropriate documents with the admissible utility program where applicable

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Energy Audit at STANDARD


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