NAILD’s Product Sprint Awards honor lighting manufacturers each year in five categories: Best Luminaire, Best Lamp & Best Overall, Best Control, Best Ballast, and Best Accessory / Service. Product winners are selected by NAILD distributor members who know how well the products are received and perform at the end-user level. These awards are the epitome of design innovation, quality and technical performance.

This was our first year at the NAILD Awards yet, even as rookies, we managed to beat the competition in the Best Control category with our DUOLED.

The DUOLED is an innovative, 2-in-1 compact dimmer switch and hardwire LED driver. It converts line voltage (120 VAC) into low voltage (12 VDC / 24 VDC) while offering stellar dimming performances.

Having both dimmer switch and driver combined eliminates the compatibility issues often experienced between LED drivers and dimmer switches.

It is truly an honor to have won the Best Control award, as it represents all the hard work that was put into innovating and perfecting this product so that customers can trust it to perform and dim as it should.

The DUOLED is ideal for undercabinets, coves and other accent lighting applications. Find out more about the DUOLED.

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