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December 2018

Katy’s Donation Day 2018

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We are proud to announce that during Katy’s Donation Day on December 5th, 2018, we collected $68,600 to donate to various charities.

STANDARD Katy's Donation Day 2018

Again this year, STANDARD’s office employees also wanted to participate by supporting Katy’s Donation Day. Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chains, Sales and Quality Control department supported the Distribution Centre team to get the orders picked and packed and out the door.

Thanks everyone!

In keeping with tradition, STANDARD will once again hold its Annual Donation Day this year. We are pleased to announce that we have chosen Wednesday, December 5th as our dedicated Donation Day.

However, this year, our Donation Day carries truly special significance, as it will be dedicated to Katy Shebath, the creator of STANDARD’s Donation Day. In future, this day will be known as Katy’s Donation Day to honour her memory.

Paying Homage to a Truly Exceptional Person

Katy Shebath, a Kind and Thoughtful Leader

Katy Shebath played a critical role alongside her brother, David Nathaniel, throughout the last 32 years of STANDARD’s journey. She remains, with David, the heart and soul of this company. To learn more about Katy’s contributions, visit our article on Katy Shebath, a kind and thoughtful leader.

Throughout the years, Katy remained true to herself, both at work and in her private life: she always took the time to help those in need. She felt it was truly important that STANDARD contribute to the community and give to those less fortunate. She spent some time examining requests for financial contribution to various institutions and charitable organizations as well as impromptu appeals from employees or clients.

In 1999, Katy decided to bring all charitable donation efforts together on a single day. Thus, on one specific day of the year, a percentage of all sales was donated to six causes dear to STANDARD’s heart. Over time, this day became more notable, and today, donations are distributed to more than 80 charitable organizations and establishments that are of great value to STANDARD, namely, medical research facilities, organizations that help the less fortunate and homeless people, as well as family support groups, and many more. See all charitable organizations

Donation Day charities

Since the launch of this initiative in 1999, STANDARD has donated close to $700,000 to a wide range of charitable organizations.