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November 2022

Katy’s Donation Day 2022

Update: The Results are in !

Once again, this year, for Katy’s Donation Day 2022, we thank you for your support and generous contributions!

Katy's Donation Day 2022 Infographics

2 decades of helping

This year marks the 24th edition of Katy’s Donation Day! It is an honour for Stanpro to launch this campaign supporting the Canadian community by donating a portion of the profits to local charities.

This event is now named in memory of Katy Shebath, the late sister of David Nathaniel, current CEO and co-founder of Stanpro, who was committed to the company’s involvement in various charitable causes.

Katy’s Donation Day 2022 will take place on December 1, 2022 and we invite our customers to place their orders on this special day to help give back to the community. Together, we can make a difference!

Continued Collaboration

Stanpro customers have been participating in the event for more than 2 decades now, reserving their orders for the specific date of the Donation Day to ensure that they support the cause. Therefore, it is really a group effort, because without the active participation of its clients, Stanpro could never contribute as much to giving back to the Canadian community. Not only do customers take part in the event, but also Stanpro employees from various departments are actively involved. Whether it be inside sales employees taking many orders throughout the day, or the several employees who help prepare orders in the warehouse!

A vision; giving back to the community

Over the years, Stanpro has been able to shine its vision of making the world a better place by making and promoting products that are a benefit to society and by being an integral and empathetic organization that cares for and supports its team members, its trading partners and its community. As a result, Stanpro has managed to donate nearly $1 million to more than 50 charities across the country over the years.

Stanpro continues Katy’s mission year after year giving back to Canadians!