Lighting Applications

  • Enclosed stairwells
  • Hallways
  • Storage rooms
  • Common areas (laundry rooms, garbage shoots)
  • Entry and exit points
  • Parking garages

Key features

  • Life (L70) 50,000 hrs
  • Watt 32 and 40 W
  • Volt 120-277 V
  • Colour temperature 4000 K
  • Housing White
  • Available size 1.2 meters (4 feet)
  • Mounting options Ceiling, wall or suspended
  • Operation temperature -30℃ - 50℃ (-22°F - 122°F)
  • Optional accessories V-hooks and chain as well as replacement lens for the 2 and 4 feet luminaire, wireguards and fixture connector
  • Excellent detection patterns
  • Crisp even light
  • High frequency sensor (microwave)

This STANDARD tri-level, programmable strip light has been designed to prevent energy loss in applications or spaces that require continuous lighting.

The luminaire increases energy savings while allowing users to wisely manage levels of luminosity in a given space. It features an integrated micro-wave motion sensor that regulates light levels according to occupancy of the space.

The end-user can regulate:

  • the detection zone
  • the period during which the luminaire is at its peak
  • lux levels
  • the degree of luminosity when the space is not occupied

Equipped with LED technology, STANDARD’s Strip Lights enjoy a long lifespan; they are maintenance-free and do not need to be replaced. Effectively, installation managers as well as building owners can easily install this low energy, maintenance-free luminaire without compromising the safety of their facility.

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