NEMA Certification

Lighting Applications

  • Construction sites Workshops
  • Outdoor events where temporary lighting is required

Key features

  • Volt 120 V
  • Designed to be daisy-chained

AWG cable for heavy duty applications. As they can be daisy-chained for longer runs, String Lights are ideal for jobsites where temporary lighting is needed for a wide area. Each socket is designed with a hanging hole to allow the installation of STANDARD S-hooks. Once the project is complete, they can be easily removed and transported to another location.

Trouble Light

STANDARD’S Trouble Light will provide direct lighting for a smaller, specific area. It can be hung using the hook, which leaves your hands free while performing a task. Multiple Trouble Lights can also be easily daisy-chained using the 25-foot (7.5 m) cable and the receptacle on the handle.

Combine String lights with STANDARD’S wide range of LED OMNI lamps!

  • Trouble Light wire length: 25 feet (7.5 m)
  • Wire: 16 AWG/3C
  • Maximum Watt per socket: 75 W
  • Lamp guard material: Metal

String Lights

  • String Light lengths: 50 feet (15 m) & 100 feet (30 m)
  • Wire: 12 AWG/3C
  • Maximum Wattage per socket: 150 W
  • Number of sockets: 5 sockets (50 ft – 15 m) / 10 sockets (100 ft – 30 mt)
  • Lamp guard material: Plastic
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