Lighting Applications

  • Day-care centers
  • Schools
  • Food packing and processing
  • Libraries
  • Supermarkets
  • Museums
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals
  • Walk-in freezers/refrigerators

Key features

  • Accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
  • Ensures safety of personnel, products and production
  • Coating is part of the lamp, no assembly
  • Easy to clean Coating will not yellow
  • Lumen output is unchanged (variation of 1%)
  • Coating guaranteed for rated life of lamp

Regulations for lighting and safety require that protective lighting be installed in some industries such as day-care centers, food processing, food service, and hospitality to ensure broken glass cannot come into contact with food products or personnel. One of the more prominent regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stipulates that light bulbs suspended over exposed food or packaging materials at any stage of production must be of a safety type or protected to prevent contamination of food in case of breakage.

Should a Safety Max lamp break, all glass, mercury, metal and phosphors remain contained inside the safety coating. You can prevent contamination, minimize the risk of potential injuries as well as ensure safe disposal and changing of lamps.

We can “Safety Max” coat a wide range of products including, LED, fluorescent, HID, halogen, CFL and incandescent lamps in a variety of wattages, sizes, shapes and colour temperatures. The protective coating is part of the lamp therefore no assembly is needed.

With STANDARD’s Safety Max coated lamps, you protect product and production, and ensure that lumen output is not sacrificed.

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Food Manufacturing Lighting

Gate Gourmet

This airport food processing facility was in need of a full transformation of its lighting system. Today, the company can boast savings of 61% on its energy consumption.

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Museum lighting


The light level of the St-John’s GEO CENTRE was maintained while the energy cost was reduced with the switch to LED.

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Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging

Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging has partnered with Standard Stanpro to modernize the indoor and outdoor lighting of their Montreal warehouse by opting for an energy-efficient solution that is the most efficient; SafetyMax LED T8 tubes, Edge-Lit luminaires, wall-mounted outdoor lighting fixtures, LED area lights and LED panels were used to transform their lighting system.

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