Lighting Applications

  • Stairwells
  • Common areas
  • Utility rooms
  • Schools hallways
  • Low bay warehouse
  • Aisle-ways
  • Arenas
  • Other mid-ceiling height applications

Key features

  • Life (L70) 100,000 hours
  • Watt 20, 32, 40, 41, 65 and 75 W
  • Volt 120-277 and 347 V
  • Colour temperature 4 000 and 5 000 K
  • Available shapes and sizes 2, 4 and 8 feet
  • Mounting/installation options ceiling, wall or suspended
  • Operation temperature up to -30℃ to 55℃
  • Dimming 0-10 V dimmable
  • Optional accessories V-hooks and chain as well as replacement lens for the 2 and 4 feet luminaire, wireguards and fixture connectors
  • High efficiency up to 132 lumens per watt

These high quality luminaires are equipped with a frosted lens that diffuses low glare light. They are also built with an integrated LED driver that allows for optimal performance and energy efficiency which also reduces maintenance costs. STANDARD’s LED Strip Light is your best option for retrofitting your traditional fluorescent linear luminaires to balance performance, aesthetics, and cost.

For general lighting, strip lights are a great solution for lighting aisle-ways, garages, workshops, arenas and other mid-ceiling height applications.

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workshop lighting

Applied Industrial Technologies

STANDARD offered Applied Industrial Technologies a solution that includes light panels, strip lights, as well as traditional centre basket high bay luminaires: a worthwhile solution for every space of this facility.

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Warehouse Lighting

BA Robinson’s Warehouse

All traditional High Bay fixtures were replaced with LED equivalents, allowing for a significant lighting upgrade in BA Robinson’s warehouse in Calgary.

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La Baie Elementary School

STANDARD partnered in this renovation project of a modern elementary school, and carefully selected a lighting solution that would be consistent with the design and use of each space.

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Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging

Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging has partnered with Standard Stanpro to modernize the indoor and outdoor lighting of their Montreal warehouse by opting for an energy-efficient solution that is the most efficient; SafetyMax LED T8 tubes, Edge-Lit luminaires, wall-mounted outdoor lighting fixtures, LED area lights and LED panels were used to transform their lighting system.

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Retail lighting

Sport Bromont

The lighting of this boutique was enhanced following recommendations by STANDARD lighting experts and the installation of high bay luminaires, strip lights, projectors and LED lamps.

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Garage lighting (1)

Summit Auto Center

This automobile body shop was renovated with LED Strip Lights, illuminating the entire facility and eliminating dark spots.

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