Lighting Applications

  • Indoor parking and multilevel
  • Commercial canopy
  • Drive-thru structure
  • Storage facility
  • Building walkways

Key features

  • Life (L70) 50,000 hours
  • Watt 40 to 65 W
  • Volt 120 - 277 V and 347 V
  • Colour temperature 4 000 K, 5 000 K
  • Operation temperature -40 to 40 ° C
  • Dimming 0 - 10 V on selected products
  • Robust cast aluminum housing
  • Low profile design
  • Equivalent Replacement of 100-175 W Metal Halide luminaire

The LCAN series is an indoor and outdoor surface mount with V-type light distribution. With its superior rugged construction and low profile design and an IP65 certification, LED garage and canopy luminaires are dust and moisture proof that allows for installation in areas susceptible of dirt and dust accumulation.

IP65 ingress protection rated

The housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants, so it can be hosed down. This means that the luminaire is protected against the infiltration of dust, bugs or debris inside the housing or components.

Easy Mount and Clip installation

The LCAN series is equipped with a universal quick-mount plate that meets industry wet location standards. The hinged tether frees up your hands to facilitate an easy and quick wiring.

This LED series can be surface mounted directly or with a ¾ inch conduit as a pendant. There are three ½ inch threaded conduit entry points and one ¾ inch conduit entry point which allows each luminaire to be easily installed in various applications.

Type V light distribution

Light distribution that increases customer visibility and safety for areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary. The LCAN series delivers Type V-shape beam angle that helps eliminate dark spots on the ceiling and reduce the cave effect for an even light distribution. It produces a circular distribution that has the same intensity at all angles.

Standard and Stanpro merged

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Résidence Boisé Notre-Dame

The retirement home in Laval has partnered with STANDARD to modernize the lighting of these facilities and build a new section of its complex; LED panels, LED reflectors, LED lamps and LED ceiling lights were installed.

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