Lighting Applications

  • Entrance hall
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Closets
  • Utility areas
  • Various residential and commercial applications

Key features

  • Shade colours available White, beige, black, dark gray, wood grain, cork barnwood and frosted white
  • Available sizes 12” and 15 “
  • Great variety of colours options
  • Easy installation and addition to current STANDARD LED Ceiling Luminaires

By changing your current lighting to LED, you can turn traditional, old fashioned or dated areas into updated and modern spaces: contemporary LED Ceiling Luminaires can will provide greater light output at a fraction of the energy consumption cost. The addition of our accessory shades to STANDARD’s LED Ceiling Luminaires can be the perfect finishing touch to any redesign.

You may choose between 8 different shade materials that match our LED Ceiling Luminaires, or opt for 11” & 14” LED Ceiling Luminaires offered in 2 700 K, 3 000 K or 4 000 K. This perfect combination will be a welcome addition to any room, from the hallway and the living room to the bathroom and bedroom.

Our luminaires are sold separately from the shades to allow for you to select the right combination for limitless applications.

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LED Ceiling Shades

Ceiling luminaires

For more information on our LED Ceiling Mount Luminaires offering, see our web page LED Ceiling Mount Luminaires.
STANDARD’s LED Ceiling Luminaire and Shade combination can be the finishing touch to any redesign, and/or may be a suitable replacement for outdated light fittings.
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