Lighting Applications

  • Roadway
  • Warehouses
  • Stock rooms
  • Perimeter lighting

Key features

  • Simplified installation
  • Convenience of an all-in-one solution
  • Eliminate lamp and ballast compatibility issues
  • Extend both the lamp and ballast warranty through the One System Warranty

HID lighting fixtures are reliable and long-lasting, However, these fixtures are generally not easily accessible; they are difficult and expensive to service. STANDARD’s HID lamp and ballast kits are specifically designed with the contractor or installer in mind. All required components such as the lamp, prewired ballast, capacitor, ignitor (if required), mounting brackets, and hardware are conveniently packed into one handy box, ensuring the job gets done all at once.

Installing a new ballast, capacitor, or ignitor when one of these components has reached its end-of-life is strongly recommended. Changing the lamp should also be done at the same time as the other components, as it will ensure that the system performs at its best; and will eliminate re-servicing the fixture for the duration of the lamp’s life cycle. The fixture or lens should also be cleaned at the same time as the lamp and ballast change in order to optimize light output.

These kits are designed for the most common applications and also guarantee the correct lamp and ballast are being purchased together, thus eliminating costly and inconvenient returns due to lamp and ballast compatibility issues.

Each component in the kit is double-packed and additional inner supports allow the kit to withstand the tough handling which can occur on the job site. Larger kits feature a sturdy handle for additional convenience; this allows you to carry the kit in one hand while going up in a lift on a job.

To maximize performance, combine STANDARD’s lamps and ballasts and extends your warranty through the One System Warranty.

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