Lighting Applications

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Industrial

Key features

  • Compatible with all T8 electronic ballasts
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Similar lumen output to an F32T8 while consuming less energy
  • Low mercury content and TCLP compliant
  • One System Warranty

Combine energy saving T8 fluorescent lamps and T8 electronic ballasts for maximum energy savings and easy maintenance. These 30 W, 28 W, and 25 W lamps represent a great alternative to 32 watt T8 lamps: you instantly save 2, 4, and 7 watts per lamp respectively. This instant savings allows you to take full advantage of energy reduction without compromising performance, light output, or life.

These energy-saving lamps are available in 3,000 K, 3,500 K, 4,100 K, and 5,000 K colour temperatures, with an 85 CRI, an average life of 42,000 hours (based on a 12-hour start-on program start ballasts), as well as 95% lumen maintenance.

This T8 system is ideal for retrofitting T12 systems; alternatively, if you already have a 32W T8 system, you can easily convert to a lower wattage system by simply changing the lamps!

These lamps are optimally paired with either instant start or program start T8 ballasts. To maximize performance, combine STANDARD’s lamps and ballasts and extends your warranty through the One System Warranty.

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