Lighting Applications

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Safety Max: kitchens, art galleries, museums and schools

Key features

  • Life (70) 50,000 hrs
  • Volt 120-277, 277-347 and 120-277/347 V options
  • Shapes T8, T5 and U-bend
  • Installation method Ballast compatible or ballast bypass
  • Operating temperature Up to - 25 °C to 45 °C (- 13 °F to 113 °F)
  • Damp location

LED tube replacement lamps offer the perfect alternative for fluorescent lamps, eliminating mercury output, as well as the start-up time as seen with fluorescent lamp equivalents. They also use a fraction of the power, thus significantly reducing relamping costs.

LED Tubes Ballast bypass – double ended

STANDARD’s LED T8 and T5 bypass lamps are the perfect solution for long term installations, eliminating the need to replace the ballast at a later time. Bypassing the ballast also means saving significant energy that would have otherwise powered the ballast. STANDARD’s double ended tube has a patented internal switch that validates connection before locking tube into place to ensure safe and easy installation. Therefore, power will come through only once it is safely installed, eliminating any risk of electrical shock. The double ended bypass lamp can also operate with shunted and non-shunted sockets, thus eliminating the need to change the sockets.

  • Watt T8: 9, 12 and 14 W
  • Watt T5: 13 and 25 W
  • Volt: 120-277 and 277-347 V

LED Tubes Ballast compatible

LED T8 lamps are offered in 2′, 3′ and 4′ lengths and LED T5 lamps are offered in 46″ lengh; many of which are available with a Safety Max coating to protect against shattered glass. These LED tubes have a glass encasing which protects them against tube yellowing and brittleness. They also offer a great light output, a long life of 50,000 hours, and are just as easy to install as fluorescent lamps!

  • Watt T8: 9, 11, 13 and 15 W
  • Watt T5: 13 and 25.5 W
  • Multi volt: 120-277 / 347 V

T8 Metric Lamps

With the same benefits as our LED T8 lamps, these 46’’ long T8 Metric lamps are specifically designed for the Canadian market. They fit perfectly in many government building fixtures which make these lamps the ideal retrofit solution.

  • Watt: 15 W
  • Multi volt: 120-277 / 347 V
  • Colour Temperature: 3 500 and 4 000 K

U-Bend lamps

U-Bend lamps are available in U1 in 4,000 K colour temperature and in U6 shape in 3 500 K and 4 000 K. Two wattages are offered for the U6 shape in 4 000 K.

There are no wires to replace, no need to change drivers; simply install into a luminaire with an instant start or program start electronic ballast and start saving!

  • Watt: 11.5, 12 and 17 W
  • Multi volt: 120-277 / 347 V
  • Colour Temperature: 3 500 and 4 000 K

Safety Max Lamps

LED T8, T5 and U-Bend lamps are all available with a Safety Max protective coating made of PET Polyethylene Terephthalate material. This coating is shatterproof which helps contain glass if a lamp is broken. Most of them are NSF rated for food equipment safety. Fluorescent replacement Safety Max lamps are perfect for commercial kitchens or food processing environments, museums, schools and hospitality.

Retrofitting to LED tubes infographic

LED Plug-In

To obtain more information on our PL lamp offering, visit our Plug-In lamps page
STANDARD’s LED PL lamps are the ideal solution to replace plug-in compact fluorescent lamps.
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gymnasium lighting


The convent was upgraded: all fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps were replaced with their LED equivalent.

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Food Manufacturing Lighting

Gate Gourmet

This airport food processing facility was in need of a full transformation of its lighting system. Today, the company can boast savings of 61% on its energy consumption.

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Retail lighting

Grafton Fraser Stores Across Canada

STANDARD helped Grafton Fraser update the lighting system in all its stores to enhance the true colours of its merchandise in more than 120 clothing installations across Canada.

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Gravenhurst Townhall Lighting

Gravenhurst Town Hall

The Gravenhurst Town Hall modernized its lighting system to reduce maintenance and energy consumption costs, with a 105% 5-year ROI.

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Honco Soccer Complex lighting

Honco Soccer Complex in Lévis

STANDARD replaced all fluorescent T8 lamps with LED's at Honco Soccer Complex in order to cut down on energy costs and improve lighting in each sports station.

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Front store lighting

JC Perreault store

STANDARD provided a straightforward and economical fixture-changing solution to the JC Perreault store in St-Hubert, one that enhanced the contemporary, elegant look of the store.

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Museum lighting


The light level of the St-John’s GEO CENTRE was maintained while the energy cost was reduced with the switch to LED.

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Boutique Louis Garneau lighting

The Louis Garneau Facilities

The head office of the Louis Garneau facilities and at the boutique Vélo Espace Garneau was in need of a lighting overhaul, which STANDARD could offer.

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Manoir Lac-Brome

A refit of the lighting system that created a warm and friendly atmosphere while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance work.

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Lighting solution for hotels

Marriott Courtyard Hotel

STANDARD is working in close collaboration with the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at Place Robert-Joncas (in Montreal) in an effort to optimize this establishment’s lighting system.

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Office Rental building - office space lighting

Office Rental Building

The administrator of this office rental facility is gradually renovating the spaces between tenants, including upgrading the lighting system in every space of the facility.

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Parking Facility at Transat Tours Canada

The lighting system of the underground parking at the Léo-Pariseau building underwent a significant upgrade with the installation of a STANDARD lighting solution that now makes the facility even safer than before.

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Hairdresser lighting

Hairdresser Espace K

STANDARD recommended an effective solution to elevate the illumination level as well as the colour rendering index of the Saint-sur-Richelieu hairdressing salon.

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Boutique Belle lighting

The Bell Boutique in Longueuil

The lighting system was in need of an overhaul as it was seriously outdated and maintenance costs were very expensive. STANDARD recommended that the administrators install a complete LED luminaires to upgrade them.

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Transit Henri IV lighting

Transit Henri IV

Rather than change the entire lighting system of the Transit Henri IV warehouse facilities, STANDARD chose to modernize the lights without having to convert the electric circuit, thus lowering warehouse costs during the installation process.

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warehouse lighting

Viandex Warehouse

STANDARD worked in close collaboration with Viandex Inc. to revamp the lighting system of the company’s warehouse in the Québec region.

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Commercial building lighting

Yale Properties

This property management firm trusted STANDARD to modernize the lighting systems of its premises.

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