Lighting Applications

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Industrial applications
  • Anywhere relamping is a challenge

Key features

  • Excellent colour rendering
  • High system efficiency
  • Energy savings and reduced maintenance cost
  • Low mercury content and TCLP compliant
  • One System Warranty

The maintenance fees of a lighting system can get very expensive when you have to constantly replace your lamps. To avoid maintenance and costs, combine our long life 32 watt T8 fluorescent lamps with our program start electronic fluorescent ballast and maximize your savings!

These long life lamps are available in 32 and 28 watts. Both wattages are offered in 3,500 K, 4,100 K and 5,000 K colour temperatures, with a CRI of 85, and an average life of 60,000 hours (based on a 12 hour start).

Long life lamps are ideal for applications where relamping is a challenge, such as garages, big box retail stores, office spaces, etc. This system is an easy conversion; simply replace your lamps with the long life fluorescent lamps when you do your next maintenance round.

To maximize performance, combine STANDARD’s lamps and ballasts and extends your warranty through the One System Warranty.

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