Lighting Applications

  • General lighting
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Hospitality

Key features

  • Versatile
  • Defined directional beam
  • Compatible with any dimming system
  • Block UV rays
  • Infrared type (for long life lamps)

Halogen lamps are designed to provide crisp white light, long life and constant lumen maintenance.

ECO PAR Series

The ECO PAR Series provides a high quality crisp white light. These lamps offer the same performance as traditional halogen PAR’s while saving up to 30% in energy. With a defined directional beam, the ECO PAR Series will add depth and texture to your decor.

Long life PAR lamps

The Long life PAR series lasts approximately 4 years, which is twice as long as traditional halogen lamps. Reducing lamp replacement frequency and therefore minimizing relamping costs. Being of the infrared type, these lamps are more efficient than traditional halogen‘s due to the reutilisation of the energy within the capsule. Long life PAR lamps provide a crisp white light for which halogen lamps are known and appreciated.

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