Lighting Applications

  • Horticultural
  • Indoor plant grow

Key features

  • Watts 600 and 1 000 W
  • Volts 110 and 230 V
  • Colour temperature 2 000 K
  • Lamps material 600 and 1 000 W single-ended - Borosilicate
  • Lamps material 1 000 W double-ended lamp - UV Quartz
  • Compatible ballasts magnetic or electronic

BOTANILUX, high-pressure sodium lamps are offered in 600 and 1 000 watts to reach professional levels of horticultural plant cultivation. They are all designed to operate in open luminaires made for horticultural applications that utilize multiple ballasts type such as electronic and magnetic.

Single ended lamps are offered in 600 and 1 000 watts, and they are made of Borosilicate, a glass that is hard and highly resistant to thermal shock. The double ended lamp is offered in 1 000 watts, made of UV bloc quartz, and allows the lamp to be installed horizontally to reflect the maximum light required to grow indoor plants. The 2 000 K Red-Orange Spectrum mimic the end of the summer sun to stimulate the blooming.

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