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May 2021

Envisioning Post-Pandemic Office Lighting

Since March 2020, people over the world have had to face a harsh reality on both a personal and professional level, that of the global tsunami called Covid-19. This massive upheaval has given rise to a wide range of questions about the future, in particular, how should we envision post-pandemic office lighting?

Adapting to the new reality

Whether it involves sanitary measures, organization, or infrastructure, companies have had to accommodate to this new reality in order to ensure their survival as well as their longevity. Evolving in a business world paralyzed by stringent restrictions was an overwhelming challenge in 2020. One year later, vaccination is well under way, and we are gradually looking to the future. What will become of remote working after Covid-19? How will we configure our buildings and our offices with the gradual return of personnel? Businesses now have to cope with a major challenge!

In the near future, we will need to reflect on ways to adjust our spaces to this post-pandemic reality which, despite massive vaccination, will continue to experience changes that this affliction has created. Whatever choice businesses make along the way, be it full-time remote work or alternate staffing, these spaces will require adjustments to meet new standards established by the government. The choice of fixtures for lighting systems will also be part of the reflection when envisioning post-pandemic office lighting.

Post-pandemic offices

One of the challenges businesses will be facing is to create office spaces that meet the need for flexibility in the balance between remote and in-person work. Balance that will be different for several groups of employees within the same company.

Stephanie Bisaillon (Stanpro), Human Resources Leader

Decrease Contacts

One of the significant issues we faced from the very beginning of this pandemic was the large number of contacts between individuals. How can we help reduce the number of contacts between colleagues to avoid the spread of the virus? Fixtures equipped with motion sensors are a simple and less costly solution than the connected devices, that light up a space only when they detect a presence. With this approach, there is no need to constantly touch the switches to turn your lights on or off when you are at the office. You can also regulate the lighting to select the illuminated surface or the duration of lighting following the detection of a presence, depending on the use of your space.


A wide range of options are available. Stanpro proposes various lighting solutions to meet all your needs, in particular:

Optimize Lighting and Maximize Energy Savings

Let’s be honest, it is quite disturbing to consider the cost of maintaining office spaces when most people work from home due to the new regulations generated by Covid-19. It is therefore essential, over time, to invest in long-term solutions that will generate energy savings and reduce costs for businesses. Lighting systems equipped with motion sensors are, once again, ideal solutions to optimize your overall lighting; the goal is to use them only when strictly necessary, such as when employees use space X during Y period. Another option is an investment in certified Energy Star or DLC fixtures that are highly efficient and offer energy-saving capabilities.

post-pandemic office lighting in a building corridor where a worker if walking and the motion sensor of the ceiling light get activated

Back to the office

In fact, changes in the workplace and public spaces are unavoidable. Those returning to work after the pandemic will clearly notice the transformations. The functionality of the spaces will be adapted to meet post-pandemic criteria in order to avoid further devastating epidemics and make sure the workplace is a safe and secure environment. Post-pandemic office lighting can be part of the solution. Now, let’s remain positive; these alterations are inevitable, but we can remain optimistic knowing that we will soon be reunited face-to-face with our co-workers & customers without having to wave at a computer screen!

Office employee working remotely