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Emergency Lighting

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  • Emergency Lighting Options

  • Voltage Drop

Occupancy Sensor Selection Guide

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  • Occupancy Sensor Selection guide

    Stanpro's Occupancy Sensor Selection Guide leads you to the right occupancy sensor for your space and lists all of its compatible products. Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when you enter a room and off when unoccupied. Ideal for intermittently occupied spaces in commercial, industrial and office applications. Motion sensors are maintenance free, conserve energy and save money when illumination isn’t necessary. When choosing a sensor, the following criteria needs to be taken into consideration : ceiling heights, dry/wet location, temperature, applications and other additional options.

Ballast Compatibility List

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  • Ballast Compatibility List Linear

  • Ballast Compatibility List PL

  • Ballast Compatibility List Choice Series

Dimmer Compatibility Report

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  • LED Tapes Dimmer Compatibility Report

  • Downlights Dimmer Compatibility Report

LED Equivalencies

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  • Equivalency Chart - Vapour Tights

    The following equivalency chart can be used to compare our LED luminaires with traditional fluorescent luminaires. When choosing an LED equivalent to an existing lighting system, there are many factors to consider. For a precise comparative analysis, we recommend using a lighting layout.

Fluorescent Lighting

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  • Chemical Resistance of Fiberglass Polyester

  • Chemical Resistance of Plastics