how lighting can optimize your work efficiency

How lighting can optimize your work efficiency

Easy tips to increase your productivity simply by changing the lighting in your workplace: select the colour of light, adjust the distance as well as the number and position of the light source to optimize your ability to concentrate on your work.

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3 Basic Types of Lighting

To properly fulfill all these functions, a room should have three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent lighting. Here is a short guide to help you understand the basics of a good lighting plan.

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Specular Reflection

What is Specular Reflection?

This article sheds light on a phenomenon known as specular reflection, also known as veiling reflection. This occurrence may have a significant impact on the illumination of a given space as well as on the way we perceive objects.

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Lighting technology

Overview of the Principles of Lighting Technology

Lighting is a more complex process than we can imagine. Following are a few principles of lighting technology which will facilitate the installation of light systems that produce optimal visual acuity and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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Car dealership lighting

Lighting Challenges for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are faced with a double-edge challenge when selecting the most appropriate lighting systems for their business installations: the showroom requires distinct lighting from that of the workshop. Learn more about the lighting system in each of these areas!

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