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Selecting the Optimal Office Lighting System

November 2017

Read STANDARD’s advice to select the office lighting system that improves concentration, stimulates productivity, and enhances well-being!

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Restaurant Lighting: A Unique Challenge

October 2017

Examine our pointers to help create a warm, inviting and secure ambiance in a restaurant with the help of distinctive lighting for each area!

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Choosing Efficient Warehouse Lighting

October 2017

Discover our strategies to help select a cost-efficient warehouse lighting system that will result in energy and maintenance savings as well as a better working environment!

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Lighting in Hotels

September 2017

When thinking of lighting in a hotel, one must take into consideration the diverse events that take place in a given space. Read this lighting guide to ensure proper lighting of all hotel areas.

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How warehouse lighting increases employee productivity

June 2017

3 reasons why your lighting system can improve warehouse employee performance while saving you money.

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Grocery store lighting guide for making food look fresh

April 2017

Today, grocery store lighting plays a critical role in presenting food items in their best possible light, making them both eye-catching and delectable. Here are a few tricks to select the proper lighting.

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Indoor pool lighting challenges and solutions

November 2016

Safety, resistance, durability: three required qualities of any indoor pool lighting system. Read on to learn more about the challenges and solutions that indoor pool lighting faces.

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Light in Museums: 4 Reasons to Use LED Lights for Your Art Gallery

October 2016

Lighting museums and art galleries well is extremely important. Light helps draw attention to works of art while preventing damage to the work itself. Often, these two imperatives tend to conflict with one another: exposing artwork to a source of intense light can sometimes affect its quality. A happy medium is essential to allow optimal visual appreciation of the art and to ensure that its characteristics are not tainted. This is why LED luminaires are the ultimate solution to lighting problems in museums and art galleries.

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How to Save Money on Your Home Lighting Bill

September 2016

Upgrading your home’s lighting system is a simple and convenient way to help you significantly reduce your monthly household lighting expenditures. Read on to discover three easy steps to save money on your home lighting bill.

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LED street lighting – not too dark, not too bright, just right

August 2016

In this era of increasingly pressing economic restrictions, Canadian cities can reduce cost locally: by upgrading to LED street lighting. Read on to learn more.

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