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Efficient city lights: A smart choice for municipalities

September 2021

Adequate lighting ensures the safety of a city and improves its overall attractiveness. Read on to find out how to light cities with LED lighting upgrades for budgetary savings and environmental considerations.

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How to Choose Economical, Efficient and Safe Outdoor Lighting Solutions

August 2021

If you wish a safe and welcoming environment when you arrive home, give some thought to your outdoor lighting system: it should be practical, well positioned and economical.

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Why does retail lighting influence your customer experience?

July 2021
Your customers’ buying approach is a true seduction game! Initially, you need to attract their attention. Then you must convince them to stay awhile by displaying your finest wares. The bottom line is quite simple: you want your store to be the one they chose, where they will linger for the longest time, and the [...]
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All You Need to Know About Light Pollution

October 2018

Light takes different shapes, colors and forms. Would you have guessed that pollution is one of the forms it can take? We have come to realize that light pollution occurs for many reasons and that it impacts numerous fields of study such as ecology, economics, and astrology.

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Light Up Your Home: The Best Light for Every Room

August 2018

With the wide range of options available today, choosing which lamp best suits a room has become a real challenge. Read this guide to help you select the best light for each room in your home.

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How to optimize your work efficiency and concentration

June 2018

Easy tips to increase your productivity simply by changing the lighting in your workplace: select the colour of light, adjust the distance as well as the number and position of the light source to optimize your ability to concentrate on your work.

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Challenges When Lighting Car Dealerships

April 2018

Lighting car dealerships is a double-edged challenge. The showroom and workshop require distinct lighting. Learn more about the lighting system in each of these areas!

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3 tips to ensure efficient lighting for a hairdressing salon

March 2018

Read our tips on ways to install a lighting system that best suits a hairdressing salon. Each area requires optimal lighting to create a pleasant working environment for the staff and to make the clientele feel comfortable.

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Characteristics of parking lot lighting systems

January 2018

Whether we park our vehicles in a parking garage or in multi-level parking lots, lighting systems play a significant role in our experience. We are always pleased when the circulating through these spaces is easy and safe. Read on to learn more about parking lot lighting systems.

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Lighting educational institutions one room at a time

January 2018

Lighting educational institutions requires lighting systems that are conducive to learning and flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of activities. Read on to learn more about how to equip classrooms and other institutional spaces to maximize student performance.

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