Is Light a Form Of Pollution

Is Light a Form of Pollution?

Light takes different shapes, colors and forms. Would you have guess that pollution is one of the forms? We have come to realize that light pollution occurs for many reasons and that it impacts numerous fields of study such as ecology, economics, and astrology.

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how lighting can optimize your work efficiency

How lighting can optimize your work efficiency

Easy tips to increase your productivity simply by changing the lighting in your workplace: select the colour of light, adjust the distance as well as the number and position of the light source to optimize your ability to concentrate on your work.

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Car dealership lighting

Lighting Challenges for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are faced with a double-edge challenge when selecting the most appropriate lighting systems for their business installations: the showroom requires distinct lighting from that of the workshop. Learn more about the lighting system in each of these areas!

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street lights

How to Light Cities in an Efficient Manner

Lighting ensures the safety of a city and improves its overall attractiveness. Cities would benefit from an upgrade of their lighting systems to LED lighting for budgetary savings and environmental considerations.

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